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Opportunity for farmers to get free borehole drilling

African Farmers Association of South Africa (AFASA) in partnership with SIBA Engineering is offering an opportunity for sponsorship for borehole drilling. 

Farmers who are interested in this opportunity must complete the FORM and submit their details.

The deadline for application is the 28 May 2024.

In order to make a decision to sponsor the drilling of a borehole for a particular farm, sponsors would need to know the following:

Size of the Farm: This helps understand the scale of operations and the potential impact of water scarcity on the farm’s productivity.

Location of the Farm: Knowing the geographic location helps assess factors such as climate, soil conditions, and access to water resources, which are crucial for evaluating the necessity and feasibility of borehole drilling.

Amount of Water Required per Annum: Understanding the farm’s water requirements provides insight into the significance of the borehole project and its potential impact on addressing water scarcity issues.

Yield of the Farm per Annum: This information indicates the farm’s productivity and the potential benefits of improved water access through borehole drilling.

By evaluating these factors, sponsors can assess the importance of borehole drilling for a particular farm and determine the potential return on investment in terms of improved farm productivity and sustainability.

Here’s the link:

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