Dr Meyer welcomes introduction of agricultural subjects at Pelican High School

The Western Cape Minister of Agriculture, Dr Ivan Meyer, has welcomed the decision to expand Pelican Park High School’s curriculum to include agricultural subjects such as agricultural management science and agricultural technology.

Minister Meyer said that structured education, training and research is one of his Ministerial priorities. 

“I have therefore been advocating for the establishment of  more agricultural schools and the introduction of agricultural subjects at existing schools in the Western Cape,” said Meyer.

He said the decision by the Western Cape Education Department to further expand the number of agricultural subjects at Pelican Park High School is welcomed. The school is ideally located close to the Philippi Horticultural Area, often described as the “breadbasket” of the Metro. The decision creates more training opportunities in the agricultural sector and makes the sector more accessible to the youth.

Speaking to learners and educators at Pelican High School in Grassy Park on the first day of the 2022 academic year, Minister Meyer highlighted that agriculture contributes to creating jobs and the economy of the Western Cape.

“The Western Cape accounts for 53% of South Africa’s primary agricultural exports and contributes 11% to the Western Cape’s GDP and 17% to the total number of jobs created in our Province,” said Meyer.

Meyer continues: “The Agriculture sector is a star performer in our economy. Therefore, it makes sense for our youth to equip themselves with the requisite skills to participate in a sector that is not only doing well but also plays a vital role in securing food security.”

He concluded by saying he was very encouraged by the principal’s leadership and the enthusiasm with which the educators and learners have embarked on their agricultural education journey.

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