Here’s some livestock farming Ideas for 2022

Do you feel like farming in 2022? Well, If yes, then let’s start here.

American novelist by the name of Wendell Berry once asked the question “Why do farmers farm? …always the answer is: “Love. They must do it for love.”

Now, this simply means that if you want to do it for any reason other than love, then you should pause and think again. Well, one might argue that they’re doing it for food security, and as a source of income – fair enough, but love must still triumph the two. Animals need love and care on a daily basis…even on the day that you are not feeling fine.

It is true that livestock farming can be a good source of income as it has been since ancient times. Livestock farming can be a profitable business if you play your cards right.

The first thing you need is land and shelter, depending on the type of livestock business you want to get into.  The size of your livestock farming will also be dependent on the size of land you are planning to farm on.

If you have little space at your backyard (in rural areas) then you can start farming there or else you can lease or buy a space. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to select an animal that has good demand in the market, do a little research and begin with your business. You will also need to invest in good-quality food and medication for better growth of animals.

Before starting your business, you must draft a clear business plan that should include financial costs and revenue. Also, make sure to talk to an expert in that particular field or get a mentor to increase your chances of success. Farming without knowledge can be brutal.

Below, we have mentioned 7 most lucrative livestock business ideas that anyone can start with little guidance;

Goat Farming

Goat Farming is one of the most profitable business livestock farming businesses at present. Although not sold at retail stores, goats are in demand in both rural and urban areas. Moreover, goat farming is a low-investment and high-profit business. They don’t need a big area for housing due to their small body size in comparison to other livestock animals. In addition, goat farming ensures quick and high return on investment depending on the investment amount.

You can start your business with a manageable number of goats and once you master then increase it once you master the business.

Pig Farming

Pig Farming is another profitable livestock business. More than 1 billion pigs are butchered every year worldwide and the largest pig exporting nations include the US, European Union and Canada. The majority of pigs are used for human food but their skin, fat and other materials are also used as clothing, cosmetics, processed foods ingredients, and for medical use.

Dairy and Cattle Farming

In South Africa, both beef and dairy cattle are commercially important. Beef herds are most significant in and around the country, where communal cattle farming is still widely practiced.

Around 2018, South Africa’s cattle population was nearing 14 million head, which included 33 beef breeds. The majority of the operations (farms) own less than 100 head. Annual harvest is about 2.5 million head. The majority of the harvested animals come from feedlots that produce an average carcass weight of 240 kg (528 lb) with less than 13% fat.

Dairy Farming is popular all over the world. It is a great way for farmers to double their income and access to more nutritious food for their families. While subsistence dairy farming gives not only fresh milk and a source of basic income, value-added products like yogurt and cheese, provide a higher source of revenue. To start with dairy farming, you can select some of the top cattle breeds in the country, with the help of experts.

Sheep Farming

Sheep farming is also a lucrative business for the farmers. One can raise sheep for its meat and fibre. But, you need to choose specific breeds depending on the agro-climatic condition of your region.

Fish Farming

Fish farming is another money-making business for anyone who has ample water bodies. However, you can also raise fish on small tanks or ponds in your backyard. You can select different types of carp fishes, shrimp, catfish, prawns, and salmon. While starting a fish farming business, it is important to do a market study to understand the local demand.

Poultry Farming

A person can start poultry farming for eggs as well as meat. In general, egg-producing hens are layers & meat-producing hens are broilers. As the demand for chicken meat is growing day-by-day, poultry farming is a profitable livestock business for farmers. You can easily  on a small-scale or large-scale basis.

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