SAPA welcomes provisional poultry anti-dumping duties against five countries

The International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) has implemented provisional anti- dumping duties against Brazil (up to 265.1%), Ireland (up to 158.4%), Poland (up to 96.9%), Denmark (up to 158.42%), and Spain (up to 85%) with immediate effect.

The anti-dumping duties will remain in place until June 2022, at which point ITAC may choose to implement these  duties  permanently  following  an  investigation  and  review  of  all  submissions  from relevant parties.

Aziz Sulliman, chairperson of the South African Poultry Association said South Africa’s poultry industry has been plagued by the long-term impact and challenges posed by the dumping of chicken into our market. 

“This has been devastating to South African producers. Our spirits are buoyed by this announcement as the industry has highlighted this problem  for  many  years,  and  at  least  has  now  been  vindicated  by  ITAC’s  findings.  It’s a positive step toward curbing illegal trade, which is great news for the poultry industry and r South Africa,” says Sulliman..

Suliman said that ITAC has  taken  note  of  widespread dumping  in  the  evidence  presented  by  stakeholders following an application for the anti-dumping duties lodged in February 2021. In its findings, ITAC listed a causal relationship between dumping and material injury to the local industry.

The provisional duties apply to bone-in chicken imports (drumsticks, thighs, and leg quarters) from the four European Union exporters, while the provisional duties for Brazil apply both to its bone-in chicken portions as well as its chicken breasts.

Suliman concluded that the  Association  believes  that  ITAC  has  made  the  right  decision  by  instituting  these preliminary duties to reduce, and ultimately remove, the unfair trade elements plaguing the local industry.

“Not only will this curb a substantial degree of unfair competition, but it also provides the poultry sector a balanced opportunity to grow in accordance with the objectives set out in the master plan,” he said.

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