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Agri – Market Synopsis: Week 22

Top News: South Africa ports not ranked in the World Bank Top 50 due to inefficiencies – World Bank Report

GRAINS – Summer Field Crops:
Commercial maize:  The size of the expected commercial maize crop has been set at 16,180 mill. tons, which is 0,53% or 84 750 tons more than the previous forecast of 16,096 mill. tons. The area estimate for maize is 2,755 mill. ha, while the expected yield is 5,87 t/ha. 

Sunflower seed: The production forecast for sunflower seed is 716 240 tons, which is 2,87% or 19 950 tons more than the 696 290 tons of the previous forecast. The area estimate for sunflower seed is 477 800 ha, while the expected yield is 1,50 t/ha. 

Soyabeans: The production forecast for soybeans increased by 6,94% or 124 500 tons to 1,918 mill. tons. The estimated area planted to soybeans is 827 100 ha and the expected yield is 2,32 t/ha. The expected groundnut crop remained unchanged at 57 900 tons. 

Groundnuts: For groundnuts, the area estimate is 38 550 ha, with an expected yield of 1,50 t/ha. The production forecast for sorghum is 195 035 tons, which is 2,71% or 5 150 tons more than the 189 885 tons of the previous forecast. 

Sorghum: The area estimate for sorghum is 49 200 ha and the expected yield is 3,96 t/ha. In the case of dry beans, the production forecast remained unchanged at 56 577 tons. The area estimate of dry beans is 47 390 ha, with an expected yield of 1,19 t/ha.” – Crop Estimates Committee 

“110 260 kg on offer of which 92% was sold. The offering consisted of mixed quality with good quality individual clips. The SA currency again traded stronger than the previous sale, which put pressure on the mohair market. The average market indicator decreased by 5% (decreased by 3% in dollar terms) from the previous sale, to close on R373.50 p/kg. A highest price of R900.00 p/kg was paid for a bale of 24-micron super style kid mohair. The average mohair price for the entire 2021 summer season is R377.76 p/kg, which is 54% more than the average mohair price of the 2020 summer season. It was clear that the RMS-certified mohair was the most sought-after mohair fibre during the season, with the buying houses competing actively for this segment of the market. Compared to the previous sale, prices were as follows: Kids Down 6%, Young Goats Down 5, Fine Adults Down 5%, Strong Adults Up 1%, Average Down 5%” – Mohair SA, Market Report

“Livestock slaughter, an indicator for availability of domestic animal products, saw a contraction of almost 4% and 6% y/y respectively for the cattle and sheep categories in the 1st quarter of 2021 while pig numbers were slightly up by 1.5% y/y. For the current slaughter season (NOV-OCT), the cumulative cattle and sheep slaughter to April 2021 fell by 1.6% and 9.6% respectively relative to the same period last season” – Paul Makube, FNB Agri Weekly

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