Potch Agric College confers diplomas on class of 2020

FOURTY SEVEN (47) more graduates have successfully obtained their 3-year-Diploma in Mixed agriculture offered by the Potchefstroom College Agriculture (PCA).

On Friday 26 February 2021, the PCA, officially conferred Diplomas to the 2020 class of students who have succeeded in meeting all their academic requirements amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s graduation ceremony, as part of adherence to Covid 19 rules and having adopted a risk-based approach, was hosted virtually.

The year 2020 saw the College taking teaching precautions throughout the remainder of theacademic year, though, not compromising on the quality of education. Out of a total of 263 students, this year’s annual graduation ceremony witnessed the college conferring diplomas in agriculture (mixed farming) to 23 females and 24 males. The agricultural institution offers a Diploma in Agriculture (Mixed Agriculture) 3 years Qualification (NQF level 6) with the modules including Animal Production, Agricultural Engineering/Trades, Agricultural Management and Plant Production.

MEC Desbo Mohono of the North West Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has congratulated all graduates and urged all to be part of a generation that will adapt and deliver amid the new normal prompted by Covid 19. She said amid the challenges that came with Covid 19, she believed that the students would emerge and develop farming solutions that would contribute to a better farming nation.

Mohono emphasized her pride in knowing that the College produces the best of all graduates. “It has always been a norm that the college produces market related individuals and 2020 is not different,” she said.

She urged those who are still seeking employment or entrepreneurship opportunities that while at it, they can also plough back to different communities by assisting with advices. “During my Food security programme, I have realized that our people are willing to farm but most of them do not have the knowhow. The knowledge you have can assist them and make a huge difference,” MEC Mohono pleaded.

Speaking as one of the top achievers, Ms Mampa Mosengpila, a scientist by profession who also graduated with Distinction, reflected on the significant encounters she had with experts like Veterinarians and technical managers while still studying. She registered for her diploma because she wanted to gain more knowledge and is prepared to pass that knowledge to fellow farmers.”I yearn to become a commercial beef farmer therefore; I felt that training was necessary and enrolled at Potchefstroom College of Agriculture in 2018.

She further asserted that life revolves agriculture and she takes comfort in knowing the importance of the career she has followed; and she continues to pursue all angles so that she can realize her dream.  “Agriculture is the future. If you enjoy the outdoors, and you have passion of working with your hands, you can make it in agriculture. You can become your own boss and generate own income,” said Mosengpila.

College Head, Oneile Sebitloane acknowledged the support of the department towards this agricultural institution of higher learning. She also appreciated the financial support which paved way for effective functioning of the college. “The Covid-19 surge has helped the college invest funds into procuring ICT gadgets for students as prioritized by government were used to re-channel to remote learning,’’ uttered Sebitloane.

The Institution acknowledged the resilience and contribution of farm owners and all academic staff who took time during lockdown limitations (levels 5 to 1) in 2020 to adapt and use different online platforms to teach and assess final year students and ensure that they honour yet another group of graduates, without fail.

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