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Agri Market Synopsis -Week 47

Agri-Market Synopsis is a weekly agricultural markets economic insight sourced from various agricultural commodities.

Summer Crops
“The expected groundnut crop remained unchanged at 50 080 tons. The area estimate is 37 500 ha, with an expected yield of 1,34 t/ha. The production forecast for sorghum is 155 560 tons, which is 1,06% or 1 625 tons more than the 153 935 tons of the previous forecast.  The area estimate for sorghum is 42 500 ha and the expected yield is 3,66 t/ha. In the case of dry beans, the production forecast remained unchanged at 64 800 tons.  The area estimate of dry beans is 50 150 ha, with an expected yield of 1,29 t/ha” – Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Crop Estimates Committee

“Unprocessed milk production for October 2020 is estimated at 335 million litres, 1,8% more than in October 2019. This is a record high for October. Cumulative unprocessed milk production for 2020 (inclusive of October) was 2 704 million litres, which indicates a negative growth of −0,2% for the first ten months of 2020, as compared with the same period of 2019 (source: Milk SA’s last two months preliminary). Comparing cumulative unprocessed milk production for 2020 (inclusive of October) with production in the same period of 2018, the growth is 0,5%. The overall growth of unprocessed milk production in 2018 was 4,8%, creating a high 2019 base” – Milk Producers Organisation, Melk Flits

“The latest update on livestock slaughter numbers for the 2019/2020 season (Nov 19 – October 20) shows decline for both cattle and sheep while pigs edged slightly higher relative to the 2018/2019 levels. Cattle numbers contracted by 1.3% month to month (m/m) and 8.4% year to year at 216,264 head during October 2020, which brought the cumulative total for 2019/2020 year 2.64 million head which is down by 1% y/y” Paul Makube, FNB, Agri Weekly

“Maize – The local maize market was mostly under pressure on Monday, putting white and yellow maize under pressure over all contract months trading. The white maize market traded lower at R32 / ton for delivery in July 2021 for the day to close at R2 870 / ton. The yellow maize market traded lower for delivery in July 2021 R26 / ton to close at R2 921 / ton.

Soyabean – The local soybean market mostly came under pressure on Monday and traded weaker over all contract months currently listed. The local soybean market traded for delivery in May 2021, R10 / ton lower for the day to close at R7 390 / ton.

Wheat – The local wheat market mostly came under pressure on Monday and closed lower for the day in most of the contracts currently listed. The local wheat market for delivery in March 2021 traded R 40 / ton lower and closed at R4 782 / ton.” – Ikageng Maluleke, Grains SA, Morning Grain Market Commentary.

“From a volume perspective, South Africa grows its lead as the exporter of the highest volume of fruit from SHAFFE members. Over the past 5 years South African fruit exports have grown at 7% per annum. Peru had the highest growth over this period (since 2015) at 9%; while Australia (6%), New Zealand (5%), Brazil (4%) and Chile (2%) all recorded growth. Argentina showed no growth, while Uruguay decreased by 12%. Overall, SHAFFE countries export volumes grew by 4% per annum since 2015.” – Justin Chadwick, Citrus Growers Association, From the Desk of the CEO

Disclaimer: The information presented here is not a reflection nor endorsement by Mzansi Agriculture Talk.  Some of the economic insights are estimates. Interested parties wishing to gain more insight should contact the mentioned individuals.


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