God made a farmer

‘Give us our daily bread’

Yes, the bread you break in the morning
Give thanks it found its way to your table
You eat without knowing its origin
‘Give us our daily’

From the hands of the unknown farmer
Harvesting the wheat kernels
Selecting the best of the best grains
Sold to the grain elevator
‘Gives us our daily bread’

Ripe from the storehouse
Sold to terminal elevators
Cleaning, separating to maintain value of the grain
Sold to flour millers
‘Give us our daily bread’

After grinding the bread flour
Shipped to bakery stores for baking
‘Give us our daily bread’

Fulfilled, there is the next day
Suppose all wheat farmers pulled on a strike
Suffered drought, despair and depression
And there’s that one important ingredient missing
To make your bread

So God made a farmer
To give us our daily bread

Source: Ya’LLA AgriComs.

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