Faceless Characters Behind The Threats To OBP Management

Since the beginning of the current financial year, OBP is progressing well in the implementation of a new turnaround strategy, which aims, among others, at reclaiming the market share it lost the past years through various factors, including, product unavailability, lack of new products, production failures, poor organisational performance, mismanagement and corruption.

The appointment of a new CEO in 2019, spearheaded the repositioning of OBP to reclaim its past glory, instil customer confidence, access new markets, attract requisite skill, fast-track internal skills and MOST importantly, stabilise the internal workplace climate in an effort to direct OBP into being a world class high performing organisation.

When the company embarked on this journey, it was not “naïve” in understanding the impact of the daunting task and serious challenges ahead of it, in terms of addressing the above issues, e.g. product unavailability, regaining lost market share, development of new products adapted to market needs, attraction of requisite skills, internal skills development, including strong resistance to change by some of its employees.

Addressing some of these challenges has been made easier or manageable by the strong and solid support from some of our key stakeholders in the commercial, small-scale emerging and communal livestock sectors, including our shareholder, the Ministry of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development.

Regrettably, the past weeks, members of the Board have been inundated with calls from faceless people, making malicious and mischievous statements about the company, the Board, the Chief Executive Officer and some members of the management team.

Whilst we have no direct evidence as to the identities of these people, we can only surmise that these could be disgruntled employees, past and present, running scared of the CEO’s and the Board’s zero tolerance on financial mismanagement, corrupt activities, poor performance, lack of accountability, etc.

These statements should be seen for what they are – nothing but a deliberate smear campaign by aggrieved individuals, peddling misinformation, innuendos, with the aim to distract and deter the Board and OBP Management to successfully turn around the company.

In conclusion, OBP shall not be distracted in its quest to reclaim its past glory and become a high performing organisation by these malicious statements.

We again reiterate our previous call that anyone who has evidence of corrupt activities, financial mismanagement, misconduct or malfeasance by any of OBP employees, including the Board members, Leadership Team, the CEO, is encouraged to report such to the law enforcement agencies.

Office of the CEO

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