SAPPO rolls out Vet app all pig vets

The covid-19 has forced industries to readjust their current modus operandi. It’s no longer business as usual, with practicing vets restricted to visiting farms.

In response to this necessary restriction, the South Africa Pork Producers Organisation (SAPPO) developed a vet app to facilitate recording of passive disease surveillance data for the pig industry.

“The app allows the veterinarians to ‘log’ a visit to a farm when they are at the farm. For validation/integrity purposes a visit can only be logged when the veterinarian is in close proximity to the farm. Additional logs using SAPPO’s business development managers’ app will increase the robustness of the passive surveillance information,” said SAPPO’s Dr Peter Evans.

The outbreaks of animal diseases in South Africa has been a major headache for livestock industries. The recent African Swine Fever almost caused damage to the local industry.

SAPPO Chairman, Johan van der Walt, said the recent ASF outbreaks emphasised the important role of the compartment system in protecting our national pig herd against disease outbreaks.

“South African pig producers realised that they have to safeguard their valuable high health status. The compartment system is the most important measure that will ensure high biosecurity standards on our farms and the protection of our herds” he said.

China recently caused a trade storm when it blocked poultry imports from US and German amid fears of poultry plants employees testing positive for coronavirus. Pundits also expressed that other East Asian countries could follow China in not so distant future.

South Africa was looking to penetrate East Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand as consumption for pork products was on the rise.

“The ongoing monitoring of the disease situation in a country is of critical importance to our ability to convince trade partners of the health of our national herd and the effectiveness of our veterinary services” said Dr Evans.

SAPPO’s implored all pig farmers to register on the World of Pork, simultaneously indicating whom their vet or vet practice were to commence logging visits.

For more information; or contact SAPPO on tel no (012) 361 3920.

For queries on passive surveillance contact
Dr Peter Evans at or 082 416 719

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