5TH summer auction sale of Mohair

The Mohair industry impact to the agricultural economy can never be understated. On 02 June, 88 464kg of mohair was on offer compared to the May sale of 77 902 kg.

According to Mohair SA, this was the fifth sale of the 2020 summer season, which took place in Port Elizabeth.

“The offering consisted of good quality mohair with slightly finer microns and lower yields than the previous sale. The market remained fairly stable, considering the SA-currency is trading stronger as the market is still recovering from Covid-19 pandemic” said Mohair SA.

The South African Mohair Growers Association estimates that there are some 800 growers, 30 manufacturers and about 5 buyers and brokers. It was, however, concerned about the current level of mohair production.

“The production of mohair increased quite rapidly in the late seventies and early eighties with the fashion demand for hand knitting yarns, and by 1988 mohair production reached a peak of 26,2 million kg worldwide with South Africa producing 12 million kg. Since that time production has decreased alarmingly and there is general concern about the current level of production.”

About 5% of this Mohair is bought or used by local manufacturers while 95% is destined for exports. China, Italy and Taiwan were South Africa’s biggest mohair trade partners.

Brokers are partly responsible for transporting bales to the market, especially at auctions and markets. Auction sales of mohair have long become a tradition since the first Classing Regulations promulgated in 1951.

For the June auction, the highest price of R604.10 p/kg was paid for a bale of super style 23-micron kid mohair for this auction compared to the May highest price R581.50 p/kg.

“The average market indicator decreased by 3% from the previous sale to close on R239.03 p/kg. Total sales clearance came in at 84% as the buyers passed in some young goat and adult mohair due to reserve prices” said Mohair industry.

137 summer bales of goats were presented with an average net mass of 17,960.9 valued at R6 million. For adults, the fine total presented was valued at R4 million, with a net mass of 19,277.2 and 143 bales presented.

According to Mohair SA, compared to the previous sale, prices for kids were up by 3%, young goats remained unchanged, with fine adults down by 5% and strong adults also down by 3%.

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