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Panel Speakers & Points of Discussion

  1. Prof Simon Letsoalo ( University of North West) :
    Status of food and nutrition security in the North West Province
  2. Mr Mondli Mbhele ( Deputy Director-Department of Social Development) :
    Inclusion of stringent planning, monitoring and evaluation of strategies
  3. Dr Jasper Rees ( VC Univ of Botswana Agriculture and Natural Resources)  :
    Technology, agriculture and food security
  4. Mr Pierguido Sarti ( Agricultural Artisier: Italian Embassy):
    Social Farming-Case studies in Italy
  5. Dr Michael Bairu ( Agricultural Research Institute) :
    Deciphering the food basket code of South Africa
  6. Dr Severine Jaloustre (French South African Agricultural Institute):
    Collaboration for Smallholder Farmer Development
Panel Speakers & Points of Discussion
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