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Maponga Yahshua iii Mara-Rah AaChigaramboko Rhythm of the nation

They asked again about land and wealth for the African. All land is sacred be it flesh or in soil. That which births is a mother, to neglect a mother is a curse, you cant be an orphan when you mother is still alive.
I had already told them before that every African man must have 2 wives for wealth creating and community building polygamy not not only marital but spiritual and a source of wealth.

Africa cannot plant vegetables to eat fruits, never should our politicians sacrifice long term fruits for short term financial schemes hand outside from the western world. No nation is build on donor money and Aid. African leaders must have forward thinking to build wealth for the next century. Our generation should be building industries and ideologies that will yield fruit 100 to 200 yrs from now.

It is time to Invest in technologies of the future… avoid over-MINING and exploiting irreplaceable resources. Africa must not only work for money but must also invest in correct indigenous economic concepts tried and tested by our ancestors (our previous selves). TEACH THE psychologically of patience, and community work, share this message as a long term solution, than capitalism and selfish theories of the western colonizer.

Teach the children to plant trees so that they can harvest their own fruits than order fruit salads of fruits and eat from trees they don’t know.

Africans must own what they consume. Say no western democracy which hides behind economic prostitution…. our land owns us… we don’t own it… like a wife… the time table of when I sleep with her is non of your business of the Europeans…go home to your own wife. Who will lease his wife to a neighbor because of low libido and lack of matrimonial skills.

Every African man must have two wives.

  1. Land- the very ground under our feet, our very inheritance (Umhlaba)
  2. Woman-the ground we plant our children and offspring. (Mudzimai (wife who is mother- (mudzi-root), mai-mother-mothers have roots in the land-they birth while rooted on land. They open the ground before they open legs: /mosali/mosadi/vahosi(queen)/umfazi/Inkosi-kazi/the female king/or the big king (nkozi/king, kazi-big/feminine. Our women are our big kings.
    Without the first wife (umhlaba/nyika/ilizwe/sechaba) Africa has no rights for reproduction or procreation. What will these children feed on? The first wife trains you to sleep with the second (inkosikazi). And the first wife will look after the second wife.

Our economy is based on the 1st wife and not the cosmetics of the second wife. The stock markets are but children of the first wife… Land land land… what the white man wants… that is what we also want … to own and control production …manufacturing… farming and control the economy. Power is not with the consumer…but producers. This is generational thinking…

Here are some few key principles to work land.

  1. Zunde/ilima/mushandirapamwe
    This is the community chest when we all come to work in the field of the king. These fields are sacred fields which have bans at the palace of the king, which the entire community must plough weed and harvest. In the event of drought and disaster and poverty the families that harvested less and affected would always have food from these bans. This is also our relief insurance policy as a community.
  2. Humwe (togetherness) kubatidzana (holding each others hand or lighting each other: this is when neighbors call each other for work in their own homesteads/chigwirangwe, fighting together, working for common good. Depending on the need from oxen, ploughs and donkeys would be brought in to work in the neighbors field. It’s a numbers game, the more the people the easier the task. The host cooks and lots of Mageu/maheu (a traditional maize drink) and shares a meal with his co-workers. Music and song would be heard as the community is at work, laughter and small breaks for sharing drink and fun.
  3. Dehwa/vungano pachoto: on your way from anywhere as you are nearing home you needed to pick a dry wood for the fire place. You will not sit on a fire in the evening without Dehwa. This is your personal contribution to the fireplace, before you sit down the elders would ask you Dehwa?
  4. Kanzatu (community offering – this is when we all collected grain/or livestock to a place of need. This is how we managed our loans and debt. This was the first level of community chest. Kushuzha/when those in need would ask their neighbors for relief.
  5. Kumwisira/kumwisidzira: when those who have more give you their livestock for a period and you looked after their livestock and then you would return the older cows and remain with the heifers (offspring) and steers to start you livestock.

The educated economists of the 21st century need therefore to take this software and see how it can fit into the concrete jungle of our time. For Africa to succeed we need to build communities not penthouses of selfishness. The family comes first, then the community must then produce for us leaders who will guide the nation. This is our strength as Africans working together. Zunde politics, ilima governance systems, humwe economics, kanzatu loans, kumwisira debts, and dehwa investments. Our huts are round, our hats are round, our drums are round, we sit in circles, our kraals and Clay pots are round-this is the circle of unity. Everybody can see everybody our class of consciousness we are-therefore I am. I am the watcher from the future living in the present with solutions from the past.

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Maponga Joshua iii Mara-Rah AaaChigara-MBO-ko

Maponga Yahshua iii Mara-Rah AaChigaramboko Rhythm of the nation
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