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Then the asked tell us about life and it’s connections. I looked into the Air(the spirit) I looked into the land (the physical) I looked into the water (the emotion- the person within. I saw the constant connection between life and it’s constant dependence if not it’s essence in the three levels. All books put together struggle to tell you that you live as a human being in the three areas. That’s where you come from (the spirit) that’s where you feed from (the land) that’s where you express yourself (the waters)

Be it in life or after life or within life or before life the life you live is but an extension from the three elements. The Afrikan cooks his food with his pot sitting on the three stones. As the pyramids and the art constantly depict the triangles – the geometry of Afrikan Philosophy.

The air and the water are fused into the body(soil) and cause movement and house the spirit to have a form and personality! Life is therefore the spirit having an experience in the physical body and to return having made impact and caused change on the planet. In the ground are all minerals (called nutrients) which duplicate themselves into flesh. The ground you come from is who you are- without land there is no identity- the Afrikan umbilical cords we burry in the ground are our title deeds. The presence of all these minerals, water and air combine to create a great force which whispers to the seeds to burst into life. The very life which makes food to sustain the body. When these foods (full of this life force) enter into the body they trigger and connect to  themselves continue the cycle of life.

I stand with my feet under the ground and my head above the clouds to trap the cosmos without into the cosmos within. Water sits on the land, as the land contains the waters and the air, and yes the invisible air has all the elements within- technology can convert the invisible into physical.

The moisture content in the air, is the water content in the sea and the 70% water in the body(land) -therefore water (passion/emotion) is the transport system through which the air and the soil connect with each other and the land can grow life as the body can conducts acts of life (to so life). Connect you waters with your water, your air with your mind (spirit) and you land with your soil -that is consciousness when you activate the unconscious self. The dry ground awaits the rains to lash out vegetation – therefore I call again Pula-mvura ngainaye (let’s it rain) on the land of our fathers, let it rain in the minds of our deserts, in the wombs of our production and reproduction to multiply, you must be fruit-full -then multiply,  fill the land and only then can you have dominion when your seed of acts has filled the land. Let the spirit fall into our dust of flesh to combine with water and create that life force in each smile and handshake filtering into the corridors of our thoughts. I am alive as I connect that which is underneath me- (soil) above me (air-spirit) and that which is within me. I speak life.

#vision2020 to live well -see it clearly

I am the watcher from the future living with you in the present with solutions from the past!

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Maponga Yahshua iii Mara-Rah

A creative powerhouse with thorough and overall understanding of human capital and pragmatic thinking
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