Minister Didiza’s promises on Agriculture skills development

Currently, the Land and Agriculture Bank of South Africa has a mandate to finance established farmers as well as developing farmers.
Didiza said this is an important mandate, however “we need to reflect seriously whether given the current mandate and the financial environment in which this institution has to operate is it properly capacitated to undertake this task.

There’s no doubt that skills development in agriculture is critical.

Even minister Thoko Didiza alluded so while delivering her budget speech vote.

“We will strengthen our monitoring and evaluation in respect of the comprehensive agricultural support program in order to ensure that there is no slippage.”

“To this end we will work with the Minister and Department of Higher Education to strengthen the work of agricultural colleges. We will work with Universities to ensure that we build requisite skills for the sector,” she said.

With regard to the development of markets and markets information, Didiza said they will work closely with the National Marketing Council so that it becomes an agency that can give timeous advice to Minister on Agricultural markets trends which will be of value for policy development.

“It is in this area where we as government can leverage resources that are there in the sector instead of reinventing the wheel on what exists. Information on markets access locally is equally of necessary to farmers.

“The resources that are there in the industry trust play an important role in developing new entrants into agriculture. More can be done to ensure that these trusts paly an effective role in the transformation and the development of the agricultural sector.”

Minister Didiza’s promises on Agriculture skills development
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