Clinical signs of African Swine Fever

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The office of the Gauteng MEC for Economic Development, Agriculture and Environment Kgosientso Ramokgopa has issued clinical signs following the outbreak of Africa Swine Fever.  

Spokesperson Nombuleleo Nyathela said that to this end, “we wish to caution farmers to take notice of the following clinical signs of ASF in Domestic pigs:

• Most infected pigs will be found dead, sometimes even before any clinical signs are seen

• Pigs will be listless and cluster together since they will have a fever

• Pigs will stop eating completely or eat very little. Some diarrhea may be seen.

• Infected pigs will start to show reddish-bluish discoloration of the skin, especially around the ears, abdomen and legs, bleeding from the nose and rectum.

• Pregnant sows will abort

In order to prevent the spread of ASF, farmers are encouraged to take the following precautionary measures:

• Practice the strictest biosecurity measures, be on high alert and report any mortalities to the nearest state veterinary office

• Avoid the feeding of swill (left overs) or alternatively such should be cooked for at least an hour to ensure deactivation of the virus

• Avoid buying pigs of unknown origin and/or disease status as this is an easy way of introducing ASF into an otherwise healthy pig herd.

• Avoid visiting other farmers who own pigs or individuals who might have come into contact with other pigs

Clinical signs of African Swine Fever
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