IMC Land reform: Mabuza appreciates progress

Deputy President David Mabuza

Deputy President David Mabuza on 15 August chaired the 2nd Inter-Ministerial Committee Meeting on Land Reform at the Union Buildings, Pretoria.

This as the 6th administration seeks to evaluate progress made by government departments in the implementation of the Land Reform programme.

According to the Presidency’s official statement, the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Land Reform provided “political oversight on the implementation of measures aimed at accelerating the process on land reform in South Africa.”

It also served as a catalyst to fast-track land restitution and redistribution in South Africa.

The presidency said Key amongst issued discussed at the meeting was government response to the Presidential Advisory Panel Report on Land Reform; the Draft National Spatial Development Framework; the Integrated Plan for the release and strategic utilization of government-owned land; the status of Land Claims; and the Integrated model for farmer support.

“The meeting further noted the progress that has been made in the identification of state land that is ready for release in accordance with the President’s announcement in the State of the Nation Address.”

However, antagonists of the President’s Advisory Panel on Land Reform says the report failed in its recommendations to provide clear priorities. Proponents of the report acknowledged the limitations, however, said the report included valuable strategies for consideration such as dealing with urban land acquisition, financing, support by organised commercial agriculture in putting weight behind government projects and schemes.

On 15 August, the National African Farmers Union of SA held its own policy conference on land expropriation without compensation.

President of the NAFU Motsepe Matlala said that the position of NAFU was not to conduct wholesale land expropriation but instead “enter into a 99-year lease with conditions and targets of production.”

The president of TLU SA Louis Meintjes said the country does not have the ability or capacity to implement the suggestions made by the land panel.

“But the expectation was created, and now the recommendations have to be enforced to satisfy the masses. Even though it will harm all South Africans and not just farmers and their workers.”

IMC Land reform: Mabuza appreciates progress
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