What Agricultural Industry Trusts can do for you

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Not many emerging farmers are aware of the existence of Agricultural Industry Trusts housed niggardly at the National Agricultural Marketing Council.

The objectives of the trusts differ from the trust to trust.
Some help with access to markets, finance, research, and skills development as well as granting of bursaries for farmers to further their studies.

The governance of these Trusts is undertaken through Trustees that represent industry stakeholders and the Minister, adding up to 81 Trustees. The Minister’s representation comprises twenty-five (25) Ministerial appointees, and there 56 industry appointed Trustees. These trusts play an important function in ensuring farmers access markets, research, and training.

Currently, there are eleven (11) agricultural industry Trusts operating under the auspices of the Trust Property Act (No. 57 of 1988) and the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act (No. 47 of 1996) that are in direct liaison with the NAMC.

The total asset value of the Trusts was R2,44 billion in 2016, declining to R2,38 billion in 2017, and increased to R2,44 billion in 2018.

The main representatives within the Trust are the Horticultural Trusts, Field Crops Trusts, and the Livestock Trusts, which are also divided into sub-trusts.

For more information on the trusts, their contacts, and what they can do for you click here:

What Agricultural Industry Trusts can do for you
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